Testimonies of some of the best organizers of the Tango world.

Formula Tango

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Angelo Grasso

Catania Tango Festival, Sicily, Italy.

There are many things I can't explain about them, but if you ask me what tango could be? I say – them. Together, they combine communication and sensation, in their dance they link contemporaryity and tradition by creating new elements that contribute to projecting Tango into the Third Millennium without forgetting its roots. They have an effortless dynamic in their dance, which makes their performances a joy to watch. I’m lucky to be their friend for many years now, having them uninterruptedly at the Catania Tango Festival since 2007 where they are highly appreciated by an audience coming from many Countries in the world. Thank you Lucila, thank you Joe, I hope that our journey together will last for a long time!


Vance Rightmare

Austin Spring Tango Festival, Texas, U.S.A.

What can I say? As an organizer for 14 years, I’ve seen them all...Joe y Lucila are special people; a big cut above the rest. Easy to work with, think outside the box, warm and genuine; passionate about their craft and life in general. A Real Pleasure to work with and to call my friends!

Formula Tango


Aydogan Arkis

Istanbul Tango Festival, Istanbul, Turkey.

I have worked with Joe and Lucila couple of times during the Istanbul Tango Festival organizations.
Not only being great dancers they are real artists of Tango. Workshops were very effective and the sows were breathtaking.
On top of everything it is not only their artistic capabilities, but personality and the support they put behind the organizations were quite remarkable.
I hope everyone gets tree opportunity to learn from them and watch them live.


Andrea Seewald & Matias Haber, Los Tinkers.

Tango en Punta, Uruguay & Austria.

Con un baile dinamico y super preciso, con una busqueda insaciable cargadas de horas de trabajo, coronan ya en los primeros pasos, una estetica insuperable. La energia de la pareja, que a su vez potencia la belleza individual contagia el ambiente de quienes estamos cerca de ellos, ya sea en las clases como en sus shows.
El arte de Lula & Joe es un espejo de ellos mismos, es honesto y genuino. Cuando bailan, bailan con el alma.

Formula Tango